domingo, 29 de octubre de 2017

Portfolio entry #14 - Final reflection

Having a portfolio in which I can keep track of my writing process is undoubtly a wise decision. Firstly, the portfolio has help me to quickly go back to any of my note without spending to much time re-reading all the material. Secondly, it has also help me to keep track of my writing perfomance and now I am more aware which aspects of my writing style I have to polish for the future. Last but no least, having a completed portfolio is also a great tool in term of sitting for the final, as my records can be used a study note in order to have a clear idea of terms we have seen during the attendance. All in all, the implemention of the the portfolio in a classroom was totally a reliable tool as I could obtain many befenit from my own experience. As a result, I can now study in a more effecient way than I used to. 

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