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Portfolio entry #9 - Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

Definition: It is a specific unit that supports your essay. Good thesis statements are not observations, questions. In fact, Thesis statements includes accurate opinions and reasoning. 

Parts of Thesis Statements:

1. Topic/The subject: It is topic of your essay. 
2. Claim/The precise opinion: It is your actual option about topic of your essay. 
3. Reasons that support your claim/Blueprints of reasons: This is the most aspect of a thesis statement. This where you show your reader how you will be arguing and proving your opinions. Al least, there should be 3 strong pieces of evidence that supports in your opinion. Generally, the evidence is developed thought out the body of your essay. 

Different ways of listing our reasons in our Thesis Statement:

1. You can include them at the end of the Thesis Statement
2. You can include them at the beginning of the Thesis Statement
3. You can include them in the next sentence. 

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